• Finley B Frechette

'Ep 0' Over The Goal Line: A CUWIH Podcast

As a member of the Cornell Women's Hockey Team it gives me a unique look at Cornell University, and the balancing act that goes into playing D1 sports, and attending an Ivy League Institution. I realized that this is something that could be shared, and so I created a podcast; called Over The Goal Line, A CUWIH Podcast.

This podcast is for everyone, including casual hockey fans, passionate supporters of Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey, and prospective students and recruits wanting to learn more about the program. ‘Over the Goal Line’ will be released on a bi-weekly basis, starting in January 2020. The format is conversational, bringing both in-depth game analysis and banter by the Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey team!

Here is 'Episode 0', the Welcome episode, created to introduce the podcast, and give the listener a preview of what to expect in 2020!

This podcast can also be found on Spotify, SoundCould, Apple Podcasts, and WVBR.com.

This podcast is produced by myself, and Christopher Morales (Cornell Media Guild, Inc.).