• Finley B Frechette

'Ep 24' Over The Goal Line: My Ode To Hockey

This is the final episode of Over The Goal Line, and I am so proud. It took a lot for me to dig deep and record this because while I was saying goodbye to this podcast, I was also forced to wave farewell to the sport that has been my whole life since before I can remember. I created this raw, emotional, and nostalgic thank you to the favorite part of my days, weeks, and years. Hockey will forever be my favorite hello, and the most challenging goodbye, and this episode attempted to reflect that.

In this finale I was able to say farewell, but it also demonstrates how far I have come as a podcast host. I developed a true love for audio producing, broadcasting, and media. I am looking forward to the next opportunity I get to use these skills and develop, learn, and grow even more.

Thank you listening!